Today, the Canadian OTC market is edging over $40 billion, and is a heavily regulated industry. ANB Canada has helped clients navigate the sector for two decades, assisting with manufacturers’ needs to move into the North American food/drug/mass landscape. ANB is the go-to for niche over-the-counter retail distribution, offering a turnkey sales and distribution service for manufacturers looking to enter the Canadian marketplace. ANB propels relationship management at the brand level, particularly when it comes to assisting a new brand—this is where ANB has established itself as a pillar in the industry.

The fundamental service offering from ANB prepares clients to operate in Canada, where consumers are progressively product-savvy. The company has seen its markets change as dictated by how consumer packaged goods in OTC has evolved—this evolution is driven primarily by consumer brand awareness, loyalty and aggressive retail promotion. Manufacturers must be able to generate brand awareness for knowledgeable consumers, and at the same time, navigate Canadian regulatory compliance guidelines. This is where ANB clients enjoy superior service: from bilingual packaging, stringent Health Canada compliance regulations, to becoming registered vendors with Canadian retailers; taking these steps in the OTC market can be a difficult process without a household name brand. ANB offers these services and more, including networking and securing meetings with retail buyers.

ANB has risen above the competition in leaps and bounds in the past twenty years, and much of this progression is a direct result of an excellent in-house team. Non-competitive retailers that previously only focused on other categories (i.e. grocery) are now attempting to enter the OTC market. This has made the Canadian market even more competitive. However, with its knowledgeable and personalized approach to client development, ANB has taken clients to the next levels of success—clients are in the expert care of ANB personnel. Every ANB client, regardless of size, is given the same dedication and ANB has earned a pristine reputation for representing clients with unwavering commitment.


Highly skilled and professional team, motivated by strong leadership to introduce and strategically build your brand within the Canadian marketplace.


ANB services all Food, Drug and Mass in the Canadian market place from National to regional accounts. This includes DIN’s, narcotics, natural products, medical devices, and food. 

Your guidance in Canada has been extremely valuable to TheraBreath and we plan on keeping you busy for a very long time

Dr. Harold Katz - Therabreath

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of our business,we look forward to capitalizing on our momentum in 2015 as we continue to grow our market share in Canada.

Kevin Bingham - Hisamitsu