ANB Anniversary!

Everything started 20 years ago..

Integrating new and recognized brands

into all levels of Canadian retail.

Sales Promotions/ EOS Sphere Lip Balm

EOS Sphere Lip Balm Give your lips a healthy boost with this all-natural, antioxidant-rich lip balm

Smith Bros

Smith Brothers Cough Drops are a great testing way to soothe sore throats and relieve coughs hoarseness Since 1847


National Distribution Channels


ANB is the go-to for niche over-the-counter retail distribution, offering a turnkey sales and distribution service for manufacturers looking to enter the Canadian marketplace. ANB propels relationship management at the brand level, particularly when it comes to assisting a new brand—this is where ANB has established itself as a pillar in the industry.

Administrative Support

Customer Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Credits/Collections, Customer Service, EDI, Broker Commissions Payout, Inventory Reporting


Sales and Marketing

Sales Promotion and Marketing Programs, Promotional Material, T.V. Ad Campaigns Trade Deals, Print Media, Trade Shows, Circular Advertising Details, Wholesaler Catalogues, Account Specific Programs, Marketing Spend Management, Couponing / FSI’s

Warehouse and Distribution

Full Service warehouse, GMP & Health Canada compliant, Lot tracking & Recall Management

"Your guidance in Canada has been extremely valuable to TheraBreath and we plan on keeping you busy for a very long time"

− Dr. Harold Katz - Therabreath

"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of our business,we look forward to capitalizing on our momentum in 2015 as we continue to grow our market share in Canada"

− Kevin Bingham - Hisamitsu