Brands: Gynalac
Category: Womens Health

GYNALAC combines two ingredients, normally produced by your own vagina, to help your body regain its normal healthy pH balance.

Brands: ph-D
Category: Womens Health

Holistic brand of natural solutions that works, Holistic solution for vaginal odor.

Brands: Uriexo
Category: Womens Health

URIEXO® Double Action is UNIQUE in that it has a double mode of action. Specially formulated with not one but two clinically active ingredients, D-Mannose and Proanthocyanidins (PACs), sourced from cranberry, URIEXO® provides you with a two-pronged and scientifically proven defence, against recurring UTIs.   These two active ingredients bind with UTI-causing bacteria in your urinary tract in two separate and distinct ways, preventing bacteria from sticking to your bladder wall and urinary tract, so that you can safely flush bacteria out of your system.

Brands: Gynatrof
Category: Womens Health

Gynatrof is a fast acting, non hormonal option that helps eliminate vaginal dryness and enhance your intimate well being.

Brands: Gynacan
Category: Womens Health

Gynacan relieves vaginal yeast infection and enhance your intimate well being.

Brands: Intimina
Category: Womens Health

Intimina Ziggy Cup™
Meet Ziggy Cup™, the most comfortable and versatile menstrual cup ever! Its revolutionary flat-fit design is a perfect fit for a woman’s body, and makes Ziggy Cup™ the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex.
Made entirely of petal-thin silicone, this earth-friendly alternative can’t be felt at all. With its leak-proof double rim, you’ll enjoy up to 12 hours of complete period freedom, no matter what you’re doing. Forget everything you thought you knew about period protection: Ziggy Cup™ bends all the rules!